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The kindergarten quality checklist

Choosing the right Early Education Centre for you and your family can be a big decision. With a wide variety of services available, it’s important to know what to look for to ensure your child will receive a high quality of education and care. The Ministry of Education provides some useful guidelines for families at this time.


We’ve also made it easy for you with our Quality Checklist. You can confidently put a tick in all of the boxes below and rest assured that with Hutt City Kindergartens, you’ve made an excellent choice.


tick   Are all the teachers qualified and registered with a minimum of a 3 year Diploma in Early Childhood Education?
tick   Does the organisation have a well-established history in the local area?
tick   Does the organisation offer 20 hours free ECE?
tick   Is it affordable?
tick   Does the programme combine play and learning?
tick   Is the programme based on the national ECE curriculum, Te Whāriki?
tick   Are there high quality interactions between the teachers and children?
tick   Are families and whanau welcomed into the organisation and involved in planning their child’s education?
tick   Can the organisation cater for children with special needs?
tick   Will you get regular feedback from teachers about your child?
tick   Does the organisation have a positive, ‘feel right’ atmosphere? Do the children look and sound happy?
tick   Does the organisation offer small group sizes so that children can receive individual attention?
tick   Is the staff turnover low?
tick   Is health, safety and hygiene a priority?
tick   Are the facilities well built with a wide variety of learning resources - indoors and outdoors?
tick   Can families and whanau be involved in the running of the organisation?
tick   Does the organisation have positive ERO reports?


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