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Having fun at home

Gloop recipe

You haven’t really lived until you’ve tried playing with Gloop! This is a fascinating mixture that you can pick up in your hands - and then watch it slide back into the bowl. It cleans up easily - just let it dry and it brushes off surfaces like a powder.


2 cups of cornflour
1 cup cold water


Pour the cornflour into a bowl, add the cold water slowly, stirring constantly and stop when the water is barely absorbed by the cornflour.

  • Is it solid or is it liquid?
  • Pour it on to a table top.
  • Can you pile it up to make a castle?
  • Can you write your name in it before the writing disappears?
  • Divide the gloop in half and add different food colouring to each half.
  • Watch what happens when the two mixtures meet!

CAUTION: do not dispose of this mixture down the sink unless you are prepared to unblock the ‘u’ bend! Just throw it in the dustbin.

Play dough recipe

Playdough is fun for everyone - and it will keep well in an airtight container. You can experiment with different food colourings and textures. You might like to try adding some glitter or scented oils for smell.


3 cups Flour

1.5 cups Salt

6 tsp Cream of Tartar

3 tbsp Cooking Oil

3 cups Boiling Water


Mix the dry ingredients and cooking oil together in a large bowl then add the boiling water.

Stir well until the mixture leaves the sides of the bowl.

Add more flour if the mixture seems too sticky, then turn out onto a flat surface and knead until smooth. Working with playdough while it’s still warm is a wonderful feeling!

With some shaped cutters, rolling pin and some imagination you can have fun for hours

Soap Flake Foam

This is a ‘must do’ with the kids. It makes a wonderful mixture the consistency of shaving foam. You can also add coloured paint powder into it for fun.

Soap Flakes 1 - 2 cups
Hot Water


Put the soap flakes into a large bowl and add hot water until the flakes are completely covered.

Beat the mixture until the soap flakes dissolve and the mixture becomes soft and foamy.

If it’s a nice day - take the mixture outside and pour it into something like an old baby’s bath - then try feeling what it’s like with bare feet!