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Waiwhetu Kindergarten - Our team

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Address 30 Grenville Street, Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt 5010

(down the driveway)
Phone 04 920 9836

Mobile 027 450 0145
Email waiwhetu@huttkindergartens.org.nz

Group size 40 max

Session Times
Monday to Friday: 8.30 am - 2.30 pm


Head Teacher: Leonie Poynter
Teaching Team:

Michelle Hodgson

Toni Bright

Marie Baker

Administrator/Teacher Support: Patricia Newton


Leonie, Michelle, Toni, Marie, and Administrator Trish enjoy developing a partnership with parents and whanau to bring out the best in their children.  A family photo wall celebrates the links between kindy and home, and creates excitement in the children as they point out their own family members and pets. They also love seeing their artwork and items representing their culture displayed on the walls.


Active movement is strongly encouraged, with the children particularly enjoying sessions of dance, singing and action rhymes.  Our team has a strong focus on Te Reo.  Many areas and items at kindy are labelled in both English and Te Reo, so children can see the written language as well as hear it spoken.



We Believe:

In nurturing respectful and caring relationships.


That kindergarten should be inclusive of all individuals and cultures within a bicultural programme.


That children learn through play.


The kindergarten environment should be a place to discover, to invent
and to dream, a place for listening and marvelling.

There is no bad weather only bad clothing


Nurturing respectful and caring relationships
We are committed to consciously nurturing respectful and caring relationships with children, whanau and the wider community. The relationship we build with your child is the most important part of our work. When your child feels known, appreciated and secure in their relationships here with us, they feel a sense of belonging and are able to engage in meaningful play, which leads to competent and confident learners.
When a child feels a sense of belonging they can begin to play alongside and with other children and develop their skills in getting along with others. At Waiwhetu Kindergarten we consciously support the development of skills for working together/cooperating. These social skills will be some of the most valuable skills your child can learn with us.


Inclusive of all individuals and cultures within a bicultural programme.
As part of our commitment to Te Tiriti O Waitangi we are working together to develop our knowledge, understanding and use of tikanga and te reo Maori and for this to be interwoven into all aspects of our kindergarten in a meaningful way.
We value all individuals for the richness and diversity they bring to the kindergarten. We work closely with whānau and other professionals to provide to best possible outcomes for children.


Children learn through play
At Waiwhetu Kindergarten we provide an environment where children have fun and are free to experiment, create and develop knowledge through their interests and at their own pace.


The kindergarten environment should be a place to discover, to invent and to dream, a place for listening and marvelling
Our kindergarten has been planned to invite peaceful play and interactions with each other and the environment. This encourages a deeper level of involvement in learning and discovery of self and the world around them through meaningful exploration and experiences.


There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.
The outdoor environment and outdoor play are pivotal to the development of a healthy body, mind and spirit. Children are free to play outside at anytime, in all weather at Waiwhetu Kindergarten. Your child needs clothing suitable for the weather.