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Sun Valley Kindergarten - Family Quotes

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Address 69 Meremere Street, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt 5014
Phone 04 920 9832

Mobile 027 450 0038
Email sunvalley@huttkindergartens.org.nz

Group size 40 max

Session Times
Monday to Friday: 8.30 am - 2.30 pm


We’ve asked some of our families/whānau why they chose our kindergarten and what they like about our service - and here’s what they had to say.


"Sun Valley Kindy is the perfect introduction to preschool life. The environment is relaxed yet fun and the resources are outstanding. The staff are so kind and warm and you really feel at ease knowing your child will be well looked after and nurtured. There is a wonderful balance of structure and routine vs free exploration time. My eldest has just finished at Sun Valley Kindy and it has given him wonderful preparation for school life. Now his younger brother has begun kindy so we’ll be part of this family for a few years to come yet!" - Lisa and Andrew Preston


"We feel so lucky and blessed to be a part of the Sun Valley Kindergarten family! I say family, as that's exactly how the entire staff make you and your child feel a part of. Leighton is always excited when it's "kindy day" (even wishes he was there during the weekend!) We have watched him grow and thrive so much since starting! Super pleased our boy has had the best experience to help set him up for his future learning." - Dana and Brendon.


"We are very proud to belong to the Sun Valley Kindergarten community. There is a real genuine sense of family here and the teachers seem to quickly form wonderful bonds with the children. I love the balance between structured learning and good ol' fashioned fun. Children were meant to climb trees, ride bikes and mess about with scone mixtures. Te Reo is very well integrated into the programme as are local community activities. We appreciate the fundraising activities and see first hand how the funds raised go straight back into providing new resources for the children. We are thrilled with the learning environment and it's set Will up for a wonderful introduction to his school days. We can't wait for our youngest son to follow in his brother's footsteps and make his own special memories with Sun Valley Kindergarten." - Lisa & Andrew


"When Aiden first started kindy he was shy and clingy to me - straight away he built up a bond with a particular teacher who he now considers family. I love how Sun Valley supported Aiden and all his nerdy features - nurtured his love of Doctor Who and have always gone above and beyond to help him grow. Thank you." - Susan and Aiden


"I can't thank the staff at Sun Valley Kindergarten enough. Before Michaela started she was super shy & not at all confident to play with other kids and interact with adults she didn't know. Since attending kindergarten for nearly a year now she has fully blossomed into a social little girl & the changes I see in her are amazing! I think the wonderful teachers played an awesome role in getting Michaela to come out of her shell & we can't thank you enough! Look forward to Asher starting next year!" - Eloise & Callum.

 "We moved our eldest daughter to Sun Valley from another kindy where she just wasn't happy, but what a difference it made when she started here, she was so much happier & no more tears when we'd drop her off. Just a nice calm environment with lovely friendly staff who really do care. Kaia used to be very clingy and wouldn't like to be away from mum but the teachers were so patient and nurturing & now she is so much better, easy to drop off and always says she enjoys kindy. We would definitely recommend Sun Valley." - Stacey & Chris


"Daley has grown so much in the last few months. He didn't know how to express his anger and being at Sun Valley has made a huge change in his attitude. He is an only child so he never had to share toys but now he will share all his stuff if friends come over with their kids. I have recommended Sun Valley Kindy to a few of my friends. Couldn't be more happy with the teachers and love that they organize activities outside kindy hours!" - Kirsty

 "We have been really impressed with the growth our eldest child has experienced within the Sun Valley Kindergarten ecosystem. She has changed from a child who did not wish to participate and was afraid of everything to one who is very keen to be the first to get involved. For us this has been an incredible journey to see the change in her and the way that she now thinks of how she will approach new challenges, not in a manner to avoid them but in one of which to embrace them. We can only attribute this to the attitude, caring and learnings provided by the entire staff at Sun Valley Kindergarten. They are an amazing team of people from different backgrounds who have very clearly bonded together with the same goal – that of what is best for the children in their care. From the moment we entered the building on our first day we have felt that we are part of a wider family and that closeness has only grown over time. We cannot speak highly enough of the entire Kindergarten system and what it means for us as parents. There is no hesitation on our part to endorse Sun Valley Kindergarten as the place to send your children, our youngest cannot wait to start there – if it was up to her she would be there now." - Craig & Sez Brannigan


"Couldn't have done the toilet training without the help from Nik. Sun Valley truly is the best kindy, you feel like family as soon as you entered the room ☺"

"I really love Sun Valley kindy for my daughter Aaria. The kindy is great and has so much to offer the children, with the equipment, bikes, sandpit, swings etc. I love all the teachers they not only do a fantastic job with the children but make the parents so welcome. I also think that the teachers are so great how they bring all different sides to kindy. I think the children re very lucky to have such wonderful teachers (even office lady!). Knowing that leaving my child is great hands at kindy is just fantastic and couldn't ask for a better work team! 100% towards everything for the kindy!!" - Amy Hughes.


"My experiences of Sun Valley Kindergarten is a place where my son and family feel extremely welcomed, safe, valued and nurtured. I am really happy with the high quality of teaching here and that has been shown through not only my son's learning developments academically but also emotional and social development. We really like the close partnership here where the teachers strive to make respectful and reciprocal relationships with us as parents working together in our son's care and education. The kindergarten itself is one we are extremely happy with. There are many resources available to encourage learning and it is always a clean environment well taken care of. The huge outdoor space is great and a lot of pride has gone into the new features. Exceptionally happy with Sun Valley Kindergarten." - Amanda Rangi-Nunn.


"Ariella has only been at kindy for a short time, but she loves coming to kindy and talks about what she has done that day at home. The teachers are very friendly, welcoming and always have a smile. My child feel comfortable for me to leave her with the lovely teachers. In the 3 weeks that Ariella has been attending her language skills have sky rocketed to a new level. She is more confident. I enjoy the fact that the teachers have a spare minute to talk to me about how my child is doing, having that communication is very important to myself and partner, knowing how our child is doing with settling in. We are very happy with what kindy is doing and will be recommending to anyone who is looking into sending their child to a kindergarten in Wainuiomata." - Victoria Johansen.


"Where do I begin.... I chose Sun Valley for my son because of the staff, the environment and the atmosphere.  If I could keep my son there forever - I would! In two years he has learned to count, be patient, share, be kind, build friendships, the alphabet, to write his name, go from drawing lines, circles and squiggles to drawing aeroplanes and trains. There is nowhere else that could have encouraged him to become the polite, helpful and friendly boy I get to take home. The teachers are approachable, honest, patient, and simply amazing. I can't wait to send my daughter here in two years time." - Chrystal May.


"Sun Valley has been great , they helped me out when I was desperate for a spot for my daughter. They are always helpful and friendly. Donna loves it, her behaviour has improved and she is learning so much! She gets plenty of stimulation and exercise and is very happy and settled. I had the chance to move her but chose to keep her with Sun Valley as I was very happy and Donna was so settled even though the other kindy was closer to home!" - Tracey Browne.


"Ashton absolutely loves kindy her even wants to go in the weekend." - Steve Davies.


"Our son Jackson has been at Sun Valley Kindergarten for approximately 18 months and we are really happy with the experience. When looking for a kindy in Wainui, we visited several, and while they all had positive components we got a great 'feel' for Sun Valley and it covered what we were looking for; the teachers were very engaged and strengths based witht he chidlren, and put a lot of energy into learning as they play. The environment was bright and welcoming and they had a great bi-lingual focus to their approach. Over time our 'feel' for kindy was right and Jackson has a strong feeling of belonging, he loves engaging with the teachers and children and the kindy has a strong connection to whānau and the community. I have also been pleased with the effort put into the 'Story park' stories about individual children, they are an opportunity to understand Jacksons independent learning, and an opportunity for me and his father to understand child engagement and play better. I was happy to be asked to list a child centred goal that we would like the kindy to focus on that was particularly important to Jaskson and they would focus on. And the focus on who the children's heroes are and bringing people in to talk to the children is a fantastic initiative. I know it was a really good decision to enrol Jackson to Sun Valley and he has blossomed while he has been there." - Keri Brown and Kristen Whiu.


"Lucy only started kindy this term and has taken a little while to adjust and settle in. The teachers have been amazing and supportive with helpful suggestions with settling her in. She really enjoys coming to kindy and looks forward to it. We appreciate everything the teachers are doing to help her. We look forward to next term." - Emma Duncan.