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Stokes Valley Kindergarten - Our team

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Address 74 Stokes Valley Road, Lower Hutt 5019
Phone 04 920 9830

Mobile 027 450 0161
Email stokesvalley@huttkindergartens.org.nz

Group size 30 max

Session Times

Monday to Friday: 8.30 am - 2.30 pm


Head Teacher:

Jodi Bay Waters

Teaching Team:

Tori Dench

Kelly Ballinger

Administrator/Teacher Support: Susan Setter


Here at Stokes Valley Kindergarten we believe all children are powerful, capable, creative, curious and full of ideas. We feel privileged to celebrate this in partnership with the child, whánau and community and have a commitment to continually building, maintaining and growing community relationships.


Our Vision:
(this is our Wawata – our dream or aspiration for our Kindergarten)
We will be a significant feature within the Stokes Valley Community.
We want to be known and recommended for:

  • Providing an environment where children are empowered to touch, feel, do, explore and BE....
  • Children and adults will spend time here, feeling a sense of belonging and confident to contribute in their own ways recognising Stokes Valley Kindergarten is a great place to be.
  • Learning through play being visible. Teachers having an approach to teaching and learning that is acknowledged and valued by everyone who comes to our Kindergarten
  • A commitment to building, maintaining and growing community relationships.

We are supported through our commitment to the early childhood curriculum, Te Whàriki and our passion for children’s learning within play.


Communication + Contribution + Collaboration = Celebrating Children

•  All of our families should feel safe in the knowledge that they and their children are truly valued, respected, and treasured as individuals, and as part of the kindergarten community as a whole.
•  Each child should be valued as a unique individual with differing strengths and needs.
•  Children should have fun while learning through play and learn best in contexts that are meaningful to them.
• Children are viewed as powerful, capable, full of ideas, creative and curious.
•  Te Whãriki (Early Childhood Curriculum) is the foundation of our planning process, for the way in which we work with children and our guide to promoting and upholding the best possible learning outcomes for children.
•  Positive partnerships with families/whanau promotes a sense of well being and belonging for children and adults.
•  The values of Te Tiriti o Waitangi are to be upheld and reflected as the founding document of Aotearoa.
•  There should be equitable opportunities for learning that uphold children’s and adult’s individual rights.
•  The teaching team is committed to ongoing learning, reflection and developing our knowledge so that we can do our best as teachers.
•  Observation and assessment is important in identifying and understanding each child’s growth, development and learning.
•  Open communication and consultation are central to the development of effective relationships in the kindergarten. Children are central to partnerships at all times.


The physical environment needs to be safe, inviting, rewarding and adaptable.