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Pukeatua Kindergarten - Family Quotes

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Address 21 Frederick Street, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt 5014

Phone 04 920 9816
Mobile 027 450 0123

Email pukeatua@huttkindergartens.org.nz

Group size 40

Session Times
Monday to Friday: 8.30 am - 2.30 pm

We’ve asked some of our families/whānau why they chose our kindergarten and what they like about our service - and here’s what they had to say.


“My first impression when I arrived at Pukeatua Kindergarten with my children was a very warm and safe environment for my children, and I said to myself this is it. This is the place I’ve been looking for. The staff were very friendly and welcoming.”


“What I like the most about Pukeatua Kindy is the Teachers. They are friendly and welcoming.”


“The staff are awesome. I love the set up of the Kindy – it has a great feel of openness and spaciousness. The outside area provides the children with the right mix of equipment and natural areas for play. The trees and garden create a great source of learning for the children. There is a great feeling when you walk in and that’s important for me.”




“Me hikoi tahi tatou, kia ea ai nga taumata”
‘Let us journey together, so we can all reach our goals’

K – kids learn to be sociable and make heaps of friends.
I – interaction with families is great.
N – nicest staff, always willing to help.
D – discos, drawings, painting, puzzles, gardening are just a few examples of activities.
Y – y choose Pukeatua Kindergarten? Because it’s awesome for your children to get all of the above to help with their future development.

Talofa lava, ou te fiafia lava e faasoa ni ou manatu e faatatau ia Pukeatua Kindergarten I Wainuiomata. O loo aoaoina ai lau fanau e toalua o Josiah (4 yrs) ma Seneti (2 yrs) Seia. E ese lou fiafia i taeao uma lava ou te alu ai e momoli lau fanau, e vaaia le fiafia oi laua i le tele o gaioiga (activities) eseese i totonu o le faleaoga aemaise foi o gaioiga I fafo (outdoor activities). Telé le avanoa mo tamaiti e taaalo ai aemaise ole mama ole siosiomaga o loo i ai tamaiti. Lelei ma mautū gaioiga e tuu ai le avanoa I le tamaitiiti e suesue ai ma sailiili ai le siosiomaga o loo i ai. Vaaia foi le fiafia o faiaoga e talisapaia manaoga o tamaiti aemaise o le fesootaiga ma matua o tamaiti.
Faafetai lava Soifua


Greetings, hello, I am happy to share my opinions about Pukeatua Kindergarten because my children Josiah and Seneti attend there. I’m very happy because every morning I drop my children to kindy and they are happy because they are coming to kindy. There are lots of different activities both inside and outside. It is a free environment for the kids to play and it is very clean. The children have the chance to explore and play freely whatever they choose. I see the teachers supporting and caring for the children and also the teachers communicate well with the parents and families.
Thank you and goodbye


“Pukeatua Kindergarten has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the teaching staff are awesome. All my children have thoroughly enjoyed their time here.”