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Dyer Street Kindergarten

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Address 49 Roberts Street, Lower Hutt 5011

Phone 04 920 9812

Email dyerst@huttkindergartens.org.nz

Group Size   40/40

Session Times

Older Children - M, T, Th
8.30am - 2.30pm

Younger Children - W, F

8.15am - 12.30pm


Dyer Street Kindergarten draws children from many surrounding suburbs to it's doors.  They have built a great reputation for being a place where learning is fun!  The teachers appreciate their children's unbounded curiosity about the world.  They explore literacy, maths, science, the arts and varying cultural heritages through following the children's lead in their play.


The teaching team enjoy being active outside.  They use equipment and the natural surroundings to build confidence, social skills and imagination.


A love of books is encouraged, and the children have many playspaces inside to explore their creativity.


The teachers warmly welcome all children and their families to enjoy the Dyer Street Experience!

Dyer Street Kindergarten Philosophy