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We welcome your involvement in kindergarten life

Every year, our wonderful volunteers play an important part in kindergarten life, giving us countless hours of their time, experience and skills… but also having lots of fun along the way. We really appreciate this very valuable support.


There are many ways you too can share in the kindergarten experience.


Being involved during session times

  • As one of our parent helpers – reading stories, helping with puzzles, pushing swings, playing maths games, baking
  • Sharing a special skill with us e.g. playing a musical instrument
  • Accompanying us when we go on trips outside the kindergarten
  • Helping tidy up at the end of a session

Providing practical assistance

  • Bringing in resources for collage and construction
  • Taking the washing home
  • Mending equipment
  • Helping out with some gardening
  • Taking part in working bees on the buildings and grounds

Joining a Parent Group

Every kindergarten has a Parent Group that shares in the management of the centre along with the teachers. As well as providing a great opportunity to meet other parents and family members, being involved in a parent group can help you develop new skills and lead to a greater understanding of early childhood education. As a member you may get involved in areas such as:

  • Discussing the kindergarten programme and experiences provided for the children
  • Maintenance of the grounds and buildings
  • Organising social events
  • Fundraising
  • Supporting the teachers

Talk to the teachers at your kindergarten about getting involved in kindergarten life.