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Enjoy regular updates on your child's progress

There’ll be lots of opportunities for you to discuss your child’s development and learning needs during their time at kindergarten. We value the things you tell us about your son or daughter and will talk to you regularly about their progress. Of course if you’d like to see firsthand what they’re doing and learning at kindy, you and your family are very welcome to join in any of our sessions.


Learning Profile

When your child first becomes a ‘kindy kid’ we will talk with you about their interests and experiences.

Then as they settle into kindergarten, make friends, explore and discover, our teachers will observe what they are doing, in order to assess how they are learning and how best to meet their specific educational and social needs.


These ongoing observations and assessments, together with the information that you share, will form the basis of your child’s learning profile - a rich, detailed record of their development, learning and achievements at kindergarten.


The learning profile includes ‘learning assessments’ prepared by the teachers, which show activities your child has taken part in, photos of them with their friends, samples of their art work and other anecdotal information. These ‘learning stories’ will show you the learning that has been taking place and what the ‘next steps’ might be in your child’s learning.

See what your child is learning at kindy


Your child can add to their own profile and will enjoy a real sense of pride and excitement in sharing it with you, your family and friends. The profile book is also a great way of introducing your child to the importance of books - they will learn that printed words can tell a story - their story! It’s an excellent way to capture their experiences at kindy and is available for you to view at any time and to add your own comments. Your child will take it with them when they leave to go on to school.