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Morning & Afternoon Sessions, School Day Sessions and Term Dates


A variety of session times are available at our kindergartens, so whether you’re a working or stay at home parent, your child can still benefit from our quality education programmes. And, because none of our kindergartens are zoned, you’re most welcome to ‘shop around’ to find one with the session times that best suit your family’s needs.

Morning and Afternoon Sessions

The majority of our kindergartens offer morning and afternoon sessions as follows:

  • Monday – Friday mornings
    Older children attend every morning for 4.25 hours.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    Younger children attend for 2 hours.


The start and finish times of these sessions will vary, depending on the individual Kindergarten, although they usually coincide with the start and finish times of local primary schools, to make it easier on families dropping off and picking up other children.


To find the session times for a particular kindergarten, simply click on the kindergarten and view details.

School Day Sessions

A number of our kindergartens now offer a ‘school day’ service, which runs between 6 and 6.5 hours a day, for three or five days a week. Your child will have their lunch at kindy, and there is an opportunity for them to rest or sleep.


Proving very popular with parents who work or study, the school day sessions are available at the following kindergartens :


You have the choice of enrolling your child for mornings only (4 hours per day) or for the full school day. Some kindergartens even offer a combination of morning and full day sessions to suit individual needs.


Arakura Kindergarten offers three school day sessions per week for the older children, and two morning sessions per week for the younger children.

Term Dates

Sessions at all Hutt City Kindergartens are offered in term blocks, with holidays closely matching those of primary schools.