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Choosing the right kindy for your family


Starting your child at kindy is a positive step on the road to lifelong learning.


Choosing which of our 19 kindergartens to enrol them at is an important decision.


You may want to think about:

  • How close the kindy is to where you live

  • Or - if it is convenient for your work, or where your  child’s caregiver is based

  • Where your child’s friends are attending

  • The session times on offer

  • Which primary school the children who attend that kindergarten will go to

  • How you feel about the kindy when you visit

  • Their latest ERO report

Our Find a Kindy section allows you to explore all our kindergartens without leaving home!


But to make the best decision, we suggest you visit several of our kindergartens to find the one that suits you and your family. Of course the ideal time to plan your visit is when there are children at the kindergarten so you can see our programmes in action.


Simply phone and make a time with one of the teachers. You’ll find the contact details for each kindergarten here.